We’re All Waiting On A Dream That’s Hard To Own

Summer is coming up, and that means, sunshine! Sunshine! Sunshineee!! It’s time for “exotic-fy” our skin under the sun and leave our dull coats away—see ya in winter, ba-bye. This summer should be well prepared. My goal is, I want to make this summer will be one of unforgettable moments in my life, after I had common summers all the time. So, I texted Grenades to meet at our usual place, Red Mango.

I smiled as I’m sure that my outfit is perfect. I go downstairs and immediately see my private driver—Lawrence—who will take me to Red Mango with my best x-mas gift from my dad, BMW M3. So sad with the fact that I couldn’t drive it myself.

I was right. Janet, Cathy, and Velvet had been waiting for me there. “You’ve ordered?” I asked. The girls shook their head. “We’re not going to do it before you came.” Janet said. I grinned and sat next to Velvet.

I ordered Blueberry yoghurt with a dusting of choco chips and sliced almonds. Janet just ordered a plain original yoghurt. Cathy ordered Dark Chocolate Sorbetto with walnuts, peaches, sprinkles, and mochi—according to her merry personality. Velvet the fruit lover ordered Blueberry yogurt with raspberries and mangoes. “So, girls.. *ahem* let’s get started.” I glared at each girl and pumping up my yoghurt. “Where we’ll celebrate this summer?”

  “We’ve always celebrated it on the beach, beach, and the beach. You guys ever think this summer we don’t have to go to the beach?” Velvet furrowed her brows. “Well, I was thinking like that.” Cathy nodded in agreement. “But guys, the beach was a must visited place during the summer!” Janet exclaimed. “I don’t know, gurls. But I agree with Velvet. At least we’re planning something new.” I decided.

We’re silent, sink into each sea of minds. “Kay, I’ll find exciting spots via Google. Janet, find it by Instagram. Cathy, text to all your friends, get many infos from ’em. And Velvet, note the spots we got.” The girls nodded. Quickly we grabbed our iPad and start working.

Finally, we found four exciting spots. Now it’s time to choose.


  • The first spot is 1D summer concert. Velvet and I loooove One Direction. Janet and Cathy like 1D, but not much as Velvet and I.
  • The second spot is Lara’s party at her lake house. Lara Murphy is our best friend. And not go to her party was torturing.
  • The third spot is Cathy’s uncle’s resort grand opening. Wow. We really want to go there. Bali is an exotic place that we. really. really want to go there.
  • The last spot is Iguazu Falls, Brazil. I just found the images and it’s totally amazing. Be there with Grenades is a real sweet dream.

Oh my god. We’re very confused to choose. We need your help! Please take an answer in this poll.


Guys, currently I was doing an auditon for Grenades; Janet, Cathy, and Velvet. Please apply ❤